The smarter way to sample

We at N-Wissen are glad to introduce the only In-Line powder sampler that overcame all problems associated with other in-line powder samplers:
– it must not jam during use;
– it must not alter the physical characteristics of the powder being sampled;
– the full bore of the pipe must be available for powder flow in between taking samples;
– must be suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The FreeGlideĀ® is a highly innovative sampler and ideal for use in hygienic GMP correct manufacturing areas.


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The new models of advanced ovens available!

We have expanded our line of Industrial and Laboratory ovens with new compact and large scale Vacuum Drying Ovens DP200/300/410/610.
dp200-610With a high-accuracy controller system, the DP series is able to attain high temperature with accuracy, also with advanced functionality and safety. The series not only performs curing, annealing, baking, de-foaming, hardening & de-aeration treatment, but also has vacuum storage ability and upgraded optional items.

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