The World’s Most Advanced Dissolution Technology with 3-Speed Controls and Dynamic Camera Views

N-Wissen GmbH is proud to present the newest and most advanced system on the market of dissolution technology.

Disso 860CDL-12

Besides the fully automation, 860CDL system is unique and has many differences from the products currently presented on the market. For USP I, potential customers are able to purchase the system with a camera inserted into the basket shaft. This allow footage to be recorded within each basket during the test. For USP II, our new camera dissolution system is taking footage from the bottom of the dissolution vessels as opposed to the side, what is very important for the researches.


Along with the camera system, the new dissolution tester is ble to run up to 3 different speeds at the same time. This 12-position dissolution apparatus has varying speeds (25-250 RPM) for 3 groups of 4 vessels. This feature along with the camera system is be able to provide more information for the pharmaceutical industry that was never before possible.

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Authorized Service Center for Lamy Rheology rheometers and viscometers

N-Wissen GmbH is proud to announce that our company has opened the authorized service center for viscosity and rheology measuring equipment of Lamy Rheology located near Frankfurt, Germany.

Lamy Rheology

Our service includes: start-up installation and commissioning; IQ/OQ/PQ procedures, full warranty and post-warranty service, training and consultancy of the customer’s personnel, maintenance and re-qualification, spare parts on stock, demo equipment.

Lamy Rheology, France is a 60 years experienced company in producing innovative equipment for viscosity and rheology measurements.

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Installation at Bioaster, Lyon/France

With our policy of research universities support, N-Wissen GmbH continues to increase its number of academic customers in Europe. Nowadays our service engineers succesfully installed the Yamato vacuum oven DP43C at the Bioaster. Bioaster is the first Technology Innovation Institute in Microbiology, located in Lyon/France and N-Wissen is proud to be their new constant partner.


N-Wissen GmbH is the representative of Yamato Scientific in Europe. For more information and technical support please contact our company on +49 (0) 69 8900 4008 or at