Fitoclima chamber now with LED lights!

We would like to highlight that Aralab included as standard new White LED options for all Bio chambers and rooms. These new white LEDs offer similar light intensities as traditional fluorescent while reducing energy consumption and heat load inside the chambers significantly.


For all other LED options including Philips, Heliospectra or Valoya, since there are endless configuration possibilities, prices will be provided upon request by N-Wissen GmbH as the excluisive reprsentative of Aralab in Germany.

For the consult please contact us on +49-(0)-69-8900-4008 or at For more options and product information please visit our renewed website here.

New manual tablet press from N-Wissen

“With this new machine you can now easily press both round and shaped tablets with just a few milligrams and without a long set-up time”



  • Quick and easy setting of the filling depth
  • Quicker and easier format change without removal of the filling cell
  • Optimally equipped for nearly all requirements with a pressure of up to 50 kN (5 tons) and a maximum tablet diameter of 20 mm.
  • Easy cleaning of the product-contacting partstablet-press-2
  • The product-contacting parts are either made from stainless steel or pharmaceutical grade plastic
  • Pressing of very small quantities by “hand filling”
  • Readily accessible press chamber

For more information and technical support please contact our company on +49 (0) 69 8900 4008 or at

Automatic Heat Sealer for PCR plates

The new a4S Automatic PCR Plate Sealer provides the perfect solution for automated heat sealing of medium to high-throughput or full automation applications.


The a4S sealer is compatible with a wide range of SBS footprint plates, including all PCR plate formats from 96 well to 1536 well, assay plates, deep well storage plates and microplates. Varying plate heights, from 3 mm to 60 mm can be accommodated with minimal adjustments of the instrument. Plates are presented in the portrait format and the plate position on the shuttle allows good access for robotic integration.

Main advantages:

  • Economic solution for a wide range of applications
  • No need for compressed air
  • Fast startup and flexible usage
  • Rapid heating and sealing (cycle time of less than 15 sec)
  • Reproducible sealing
  • Variable time/temperature controls
  • Compatible with a wide range of plate types (from racked tubes to 1536well PCR plates)
  • Can be integrated within a robotic set‑up

You can watch the video for the a4S Automatic Heat Sealer on our YouTube channel.

For more information or to receive a quote, please contact N-Wissen GmbH on phone +49 (0) 69 8900 4008 or at