N-WISSEN has started a large-scale marketing campaign “BEST SERVICE and MORE”. Till the end of May we offer to the customers of Yamato Scientific (Japan) instruments in Europe to get re-check of their instruments with the best conditions.

N-Wissen GmbH is the representative of Yamato Scientific for sales and service in Europe.

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Partner of Yamato Scientific in Europe

Nowadays N-Wissen GmbH becomes the partner of Yamato Scientific and its representative in Europe. We are pleased to provide our customers not only with excellent and appoved equipment, but also with high quality service which include:

  • Installation and start-up qualification of equipment according to GMP
  • After sales service including full warranty and post-warranty service
  • User and Application training
  • Spare parts and consumables

Innovation and the latest technological advances are the trademark of Yamato Scientific products which include Ovens, Incubators, Muffle Furnace and Spray Dryers.

Please contact our company in order to get all-in-one solution for your laboratory.

Exzellente Bioreaktoren für den Bereich Forschung & Entwicklung

Wir führen die Erweiterung unseres Produktportfolios für den Bereich Forschung & Entwicklung weiter und freuen uns zu verkünden, die exklusive Vertretung der Firma Major Science (USA), innovativer Hersteller von Winpact Lab Bioreaktoren, für D A CH übernommen zu haben.

0bc300dfa4-Lab-B007-Pilot Fermentator-Pilot Scale SIP Fermentation SystemWinpact Lab Fermentoren / Bioreaktoren sind optimal auf die Anforderungen der Forschung & Entwicklung angepasst und bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit des manuellen Betriebs sowie der Auswahl von 15 programmierbaren Methoden.
Abhängig von Ihrem Anwendungsbereich bzw. experimentellen Anforderungen bietet sich eine Vielzahl von optionalen Features, die Sie in Ihr Winpact System implementieren und integrieren können. Ob Zellkultivierung oder mikrobielle Fermentation – Winpact Lab bietet Ihnen die vollständige Lösung.

The smarter way to sample

We at N-Wissen are glad to introduce the only In-Line powder sampler that overcame all problems associated with other in-line powder samplers:
– it must not jam during use;
– it must not alter the physical characteristics of the powder being sampled;
– the full bore of the pipe must be available for powder flow in between taking samples;
– must be suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The FreeGlide® is a highly innovative sampler and ideal for use in hygienic GMP correct manufacturing areas.


For more information please contact our company. We will be happy to suport you.

The new models of advanced ovens available!

We have expanded our line of Industrial and Laboratory ovens with new compact and large scale Vacuum Drying Ovens DP200/300/410/610.
dp200-610With a high-accuracy controller system, the DP series is able to attain high temperature with accuracy, also with advanced functionality and safety. The series not only performs curing, annealing, baking, de-foaming, hardening & de-aeration treatment, but also has vacuum storage ability and upgraded optional items.

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Excellent Spray Drying Technology

Yamato Spray Dryer ADL-311S Demonstration

N-Wissen GmbH is the representative of Yamato Scientific in Europe. For more information please check here.

N-Wissen became an official partner of Sampling Systems

The world’s largest manufacturer of manual sampling equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other associated industries is teaming up with N-Wissen. We are glad to offer the following Sampling products to our customers:

  1. Manual Samplers for powders, granules, grains, liquids, gels, creams, ointments, pastes etc. 
  2. Disposable scoops, samplers, plastic Samplerlabware (bottles, containers, funnels, knifes, scrapers, spoons, bowls, trays)
  3. Labeling (QC Labels, Transparent Pharmlabels, Proces labels)
  4. Stainless Steel Products (Containers, scoops, trays, jugs, knifes, scrapers, micro spatulas funnels)
  5. In-line powder and liquid samplers

Please contact our company for more information or prices on +49 (0) 69 8900 4008 or at

New high-performance Infrared Moisture Analyzer

We are b914321480-Lab-B010-FD-660-FD 660_Operationproud to introduce FD-660 Infrared Moisture Determination Balance which appeared in our products range and measures moisture content through the detection of weight loss by heating & drying. The moisture contents of almost all of samples, regardless of their types and shapes, can be measured. The built-in environmentally-friendly organic carbon heater emits infrared rays more than 2 times stronger than general halogen heaters with which other infrared moisture content measuring instruments are equipped in the wavelength range (2.5 to 3μm) in which moisture reacts to heat. The service life is 7,000 hours, which is approximately 4 times the life of a comparable conventional infrared lamp!

Visit Products page: Infrared Moisture Analyzer.