The new generation of Testing Chambers is coming…

N-Wissen GmbH presents the Aralab Testa – the new and future proof range of Environmental Chambers.

  • New R449A refrigerant gas, ready for new Aralab-Testa-New-Gen-Environmental-Testing-Chamber-2European regulations 517/2014
  • More performance
  • Lower electricity consumption
  • Better acoustic insulation
  • New user and controller experience
  • Secure remote access
  • Automatic self-diagnosis

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Climatic Testing chambers for the automotive industry

N-Wissen GmbH provides customized climate testing chambers and rooms for automotive industry, which cover a wide range of applications including: Component Testing (batteries, engines, airbags, electronics, etc); Shed/VOC; Full Vehicle Testing; Corrosion/Salt Spray/Weathering;Sun and Climate Simulation; Extreme environments and solar radiation

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Fitoclima chamber now with LED lights!

We would like to highlight that Aralab included as standard new White LED options for all Bio chambers and rooms. These new white LEDs offer similar light intensities as traditional fluorescent while reducing energy consumption and heat load inside the chambers significantly.


For all other LED options including Philips, Heliospectra or Valoya, since there are endless configuration possibilities, prices will be provided upon request by N-Wissen GmbH as the excluisive reprsentative of Aralab in Germany.

For the consult please contact us on +49-(0)-69-8900-4008 or at For more options and product information please visit our renewed website here.

New manual tablet press from N-Wissen

“With this new machine you can now easily press both round and shaped tablets with just a few milligrams and without a long set-up time”



  • Quick and easy setting of the filling depth
  • Quicker and easier format change without removal of the filling cell
  • Optimally equipped for nearly all requirements with a pressure of up to 50 kN (5 tons) and a maximum tablet diameter of 20 mm.
  • Easy cleaning of the product-contacting partstablet-press-2
  • The product-contacting parts are either made from stainless steel or pharmaceutical grade plastic
  • Pressing of very small quantities by “hand filling”
  • Readily accessible press chamber

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New generation of industrial & laboratory inert gas ovens

N-Wissen GmbH presents new generation of high qality inert DN serie ovens:

  • dn411i611Suitable for curing process in no oxidation environment;
  • Suitable for heat insulation test and curing process up to 360°C;
  • Simple operation by interactive key input;
  • N2 gas flow amount controllable.
  • Operation monitor visualizes controller status, temp and temp. changing;
  • Incorporates with maximum 99 steps, 99 patterns program controller with repeat function;

Temp rise curve:

dn411i611i_tempN2 gas subtitution performance curve:


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New Catalogue release for Petroleum Testing Equipment

N-Wissen is glad to present new catalogue for Petroleum Testing Equipment, which includes the newest models from our range.

Petroleum testing equipmentFor more information please visist our website here.

Get the best present for your laboratory needs!

Due to a very successful year our company would like to please all its customers with nice presents. Thus during the period of December, 1st 2015 – January, 31st 2016 we are happy to announce up to 30% for the laboratory equipment.Christmas Special OffersHurry up – call us already now +49 (0) 69 8900 4008! Remember… you have time only until the end of January 2016!

Partnership with a leader in the rheometer and viscometer market

N-Wissen GmbH is proud to announce that our company is now the authorized partner of Lamy Rheology, France. Lamy Rheology is 60 years experienced company in producing innovative equipment for viscosity and rheology measurements.

Lamy Rheology

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