Climatic Testing chambers for the automotive industry

N-Wissen GmbH provides customized climate testing chambers and rooms for automotive industry, which cover a wide range of applications including: Component Testing (batteries, engines, airbags, electronics, etc); Shed/VOC; Full Vehicle Testing; Corrosion/Salt Spray/Weathering;Sun and Climate Simulation; Extreme environments and solar radiation

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Cooperation with ARALAB

Aralab logoN-Wissen GmbH is proud to announce that our company signed the Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Aralab started from 16th of November 2015 for Germany.

AralabAralab (Portugal) has more than 30-years experience in development and manufacturing the high-tech and advanced equipment for climatic and environmental control and simulation.

N-Wissen introduces new plant growth chambers with LED Flex Grow light

The new plant growth chambers Fitoclima® with LED Flex Grow light offer the most suitable light types and shelves for your research needs. With this new LED light, it is possible to adjust the amount of Blue, Red and Far Red spectrum independently, directly on the touch-screen controller. The application of the LED Flex Grow seen on the image requested light to be emanated from all sides.

Aralab LED chambers

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